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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Gorram Nerd Hour: Volume 2 Issue 17

The boys start off bitching about the current trend in Hollywood to deny us our iconic horror villians before going into the news for the week. It all starts with Iron Man 3 and the ridiculous numbers that it put up overseas last weekend. Jacob overuses the term “blackified” yet again, and Kevin Bacon isn’t the easiest actor to play Six Degrees with.

Jacob saw the new Rob Zombie movie The Lords Of Salem starring Sherri Moon Zombie, Meg Foster and Bruce Davison. Give it a listen to find out what he thinks.

Brian almost gives us another rant about Kickstarter, but stops himself before he goes too far.

How many franchises can one man have? Just ask JJ Abrams…

Back to the small screen again and what is wrong with entertainment today.

What would The Gorram Nerd Hour be without a little Felicia Day news? This isn’t the week to find out as Miss Day is, as always, very close to the boys' hearts.

Stay tuned after the show for Jacob’s interview with Daniel Manche, aka recording artist Daniel Graham.

Thanks for tuning in to another Gorram Nerd Hour with Brian Smith and Jacob O’Neal!

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