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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Talk Zebra: Episode 3: The Battle Of The Broads

At the top of the show, Camm recalls a time where he was once on a heart transplant list, and how that would've drastically changed the lives of both of your favorite zeebs.

For this week's Five Dub, Tony tells you why you should be watching Episodes, and why Matt LeBlanc is hilarious at portraying...himself.

In MOLI, the announcement of last week's winner provokes a pretty fiery response from the loser.  For this week, Camm offers up "You're Losing A Friend" by The Cardigans:

Tony counters with Toni Braxton's "You're Makin' Me High":

For Man Of The Hour, Tony is going back to the sports world, choosing New York Giants WR Victor Cruz, whose sexiness can be seen here and here Camm gives you two people who look so similar and so good that he simply had to choose both, Eli Roth and Zachary Quinto, who can be seen here

The show ends with some discussion about how certain celebrities can get away with being assholes if they own it, while those who try to BS the public aren't as lucky.  Don't forget to email us at!

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