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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Gorram Nerd Hour Presents Holodeck Malfunction: Episode 9 - Shakespeare's Plummer

Jacob and Isaac are back with the latest installment of Holodeck Malfunction, fresh from Isaac's honeymoon. This week, they discuss the Star Trek movie they both agree is the worst and then move into Isaac's personal favorite. That's right, folks. They are talking all about Star Trek V and VI. Along the way, they take a few detours and talk once again about how Jacob feels women can't play Vulcans, 23rd Century economics and sequels to popular Shakespeare plays. It's an oddly fun hour filled with all things Trek. And Jacob even sings!

Don't forget to come see the folks at Abnormal Entertainment live at Phoenix Comicon this Memorial Day weekend in beautiful downtown Phoenix, where your experience will be nearly homeless free but filled with nerds that smell homeless.

That last line was a joke, everyone. Please, no angry letters. But if you feel the need to send an angry letter, write it out by hand, as most people forgot how to write, and then we can have fun trying to figure out what it says.

Wow, I need to stop writing this before I try to stick both feet in my mouth. I'm just gonna say one more thing - Isaac wrote this! Isaac wrote this! Isaac wrote this!

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