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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Gorram Nerd Hour Presents Holodeck Malfunction: Episode 11 - Beastie Boys, Prophets Of The Federation

This week Jacob and Isaac discuss the two best movies starring The Next Generation cast - Generations and First Contact.
Did you ever wonder who almost played Zephram Cochram, father of Warp Drive? Would Kirk ever play the flute? Will Picard ever find love? Who is truly responsible for the destruction of the Enterprise D? Was Lt. Hawk gay? Why does it sound like a juicy fart every time Jacob takes a drink from his soda? Why did the Spawn movie suck? Is there less bias in the press of the future? Is the government still a two party system? Are The Beastie Boys prophets of the Federation? Should Whoopi Goldberg have won an Academy Award?

They talk about all that and more in the latest episode of Holodeck Malfunction.

Isaac spends a little time explaining his frustration of the writers constantly miscalculating distance when it comes to warp speed. Jacob talks about whether genre fans are more accepting of Gay people than non fans?

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