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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Raise your Spirits with Camm and Kevin: Episode 55 - Queens for a Day

Good evening, gentlemen! (Sorry ladies.) In Kevin's absence due to illness (the sickness of being an old fart), Camm called in the gay troops and welcomed Abnormal Entertainment's golden boy, Daniel Garza, to sit down and chat it up. The pleasure-seeking duo discuss their feelings on growing up gay in a straight world, whether or not either of them went through an "I wish I was straight" phase, and how handsome Camm is.

Camm also quizzes Daniel on who he would bed out of some of Abnormal Entertainment's most popular podcast hosts.

Not to be outdone, Kevin wrote in some very pertinent questions for our guest this week. Yup, "uh oh" is right!

Raise your spirits, raise your backup beer, and give it a listen!
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