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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Gorram Nerd Hour: Volume 2 Issue 28

The boys both like to make fun of Glee, but not today. Sadness struck the other day when news of Corey Monteith's death in Canada surfaced. He was only 31.

It seems that the Pom Far is affecting Zach Quinto’s brain, and his claims about the next installment of Star Trek may be a little off.

What the hell is a Sharknado?

Weekend box office was a little sad this past weekend. Despicable Me 2 took the #1 spot once again, which is fine. It's a family film. Fine. We get it. But Grown Ups 2 was #2 forcing Pacific Rim to the #3 slot.

With the Cornetto trilogy coming to a close, Edgar Wright is all ready to start on Ant Man!

Kanye West is an idiot, and SDCC is right around the corner. What more could you ask for? has a list of movie posters doctored to show the original actors cast before the change. Go look that the list. It's worth it.

Jacob brings you a new segment to end the show, and Brian calls him out for his inability to fill time.

All this and a whole lot more on this episode of The Gorram Nerd Hour.

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