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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Talk Zebra: Episode 12: Appetite For Destruction

Your favorite zeebs open the show by talking about ten songs from 2003 that they can't believe are already ten years old. Makes them, and maybe the rest of you, feel old, too.

In Five Dub, Tony urges the listeners to become fully familiar with a TV show that is another J.J. Abrams creation, Fringe...

MOLI is full of surprises; not only with last week's results, but with how this week's category, Hair Metal, plays out. Camm goes with Guns N Roses' iconic "Welcome To The Jungle", heard here... Tony, undeterred, also goes with a Guns N Roses song, also from their debut "Appetite For Destruction" album, a song called "It's So Easy", heard here...

Tony still has gay marriage on his mind in MOTH, as he chooses Jensen Atwood, the actor who plays the boyfriend of last week's choice by him, Darryl Stephens, seen here... Camm chooses a stand-up comic that he respects much more for his looks than he does his sense of humor, Dov Davidoff, seen here...

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