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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Put It Together: Cancer Journey 2015 - Video Diary Day 4-7

Day 4: I'm taking Mineral Oil now which should help with the pooping. Eating Circus Peanuts is a well deserved treat... Until the doctor stops me. I guess I'm going through the first stage: Denial.

Day 5: I need to crumble so I can build myself up. I'm almost there but not quite.
The quote in the video:
"I think, when like me, you've been an activist for a while, hear the stories, witness the lives of folks and the deaths, you grow a shell. In that shell you have a shelf for all the "worst case scenario". And, although you'll go through all the emotions, you are somewhat prepared."

Day 6: Happy Mother's Day... No cancer talk today, but I do miss my Mommy!

Day 7: Dear Diary, today I'm doing okay, I'm starting paperwork for Power of Attorney, I need to make sure that my DNR is signed. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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