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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Talk Zebra: Episode 44 : Confirmed and Verified

Camm's tale of seeing a spider in his shower brings up Tony's fear of crawly creatures, and somehow a story featuring B2 fits into all of this.

Camm is up with this week's Five Dub, as he extolls the virtues of the NBC hit "Parenthood"...

Both zeebs are happy with the song choices for the MOLI battle, in the category of songs from a reality show contestant, and both songs are R&B offerings. Camm is up first with Fantasia's "Sunshine", heard here... Then it's Tony, who selects Day 26's"So Good", heard here...

The guys are also in agreement on their Men Of The Hour selections, in the sense that both men are athletes. Tony goes with Damian Lillard, a young star in the NBA who happens to play for Portland, seen here... Meanwhile, Camm picks MMA star Brendan Schaub, seen here...

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