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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Talk Zebra: Episode 35: Are They Talking About Vaginas?

The guys are on a schedule, but they manage to discuss Camm's recent trip to Seattle and Portland, as well as, thankfully, surgery going well for Tony's mom. Oh, and Tony tells of how B2 is worse than even black people when it comes to a certain subject!
Due to time constraints, there's no Five Dub, but Camm will be back with that next week.

The MOLI battle is songs with a color in the title. Back for their second appearance, Tony goes with his favorite band, Fleet Foxes, as they sing "White Winter Hymnal" heard here...,d.cGU Meanwhile, Camm picks a song by Frank Ocean and Andre 3000 (also making his second appearance) called "Pink Matter", heard here...,d.cGU

Camm is up first in MOTH, and he chooses actor Adam Brody, seen here... Tony picks up on Camm's Seattle visit by choosing Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, seen here...

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