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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Talk Zebra: Episode 16: En YOU-Tero

Camm has recorded a new rap single, and Tony has that on his mind at the top of the show. The man with the "Size 13's" gives you some insight into not only the song, but when he first got into rapping.

Tony is up with Five Dub this week, and he goes with the hilarious TV comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm... The MOLI category this week is grunge. Camm, having already chosen Chris Cornell as a MOTH from a previous show, chooses Soundgarden's 1994 song "Fell On Black Days", heard here... Tony decides on the band most associated with grunge music, Nirvana, and he picks their 1993 song "Rape Me", heard here...

For MOTH, Tony not-so-surprisingly goes back to the sports world, offering up last year's college basketball player of the year, Trey Burke, for your viewing pleasure... Meanwhile, Camm breaks tradition (for him) and picks one of the better-looking men of his generation, Ryan Phillippe, seen here...

The end of the show also offers a strange story that we promise you will NOT want to miss! As always, please go to our Facebook page to vote for MOLI, and you can always email us at

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