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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Talk Zebra: Episode 8: She's A LESBIAN!!!

Camm can't seem to figure out where he should sleep on his King bed now that he's single, and he wonders if Tony has the same problem. Tony then can't stop talking about how good Sommore's latest comedy special is. But we warned, folks: her language isn't suitable for children!

In Five Dub, Tony sings the praises of the critically-acclaimed drama Homeland, which he touts as the best show on TV:

MOLI reveals the winner of last week's battle of songs with a U.S. state in the title, and before this week's battle is to commence, Tony takes Camm on a wild tangent of Indecent Proposal-like proportions that leaves Camm disgusted. For this week's battle of songs featuring a lesbian artist, Camm offers up Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On", while Tony goes with Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car"

With the Spurs in the NBA Finals, Tony felt it appropriate to name Kawhi Leonard as his Man Of The Hour, and he tells of Kawhi's Compton connection Camm goes mainstream and chooses the smoldering good looks of actor Jason Statham, seen here

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