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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Gorram Nerd Hour: Volume 1 Issue 14

HO HO HO!!!! Welcome to the Gorram Nerd Hour! It felt like a light news week for the boys, but they make it work in their favor. First, a review of The Demolitionist starring Nicole Eggert, Heather Langencamp and Richard Grieco and directed by special effects master Robert Kurtzman.

You also get to hear what the boys think of the plethora of trailers that hit the net this week, some Star Trek Into Darkness news followed by a little Doctor Who and a new entry into the "Quentin Tarantino runs his mouth and hypes projects he'll never ever do" category.

Asylum Studios gets slapped with a lawsuit over their latest Mockbuster Age Of The Hobbits starring Bai Ling, and Kevin Smith says Hit Somebody may end up being a TV miniseries, so he wants to do Clerks 3 as his last cinematic feature... if Jeff Anderson says yes.

We finally get to hear why Matt Damon wasn’t in the new Bourne movie. The boys end it with six crazy sequels that thankfully didn't happen.

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