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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Raise Your Spirits with Camm & Kevin: Episode 12 - Drunk and Disorderly

DISCLAIMER: This episode will not be for everyone. If you are sensitive to racial issues or two guys who don't give a rat's ass about racial issues, why the hell are you even listening to this show?

As promised, Camm and Kevin finally do a drunk show. Kevin visits Camm in Long Beach, CA, and the vodka, gin and beer flow freely.

During the drunkenness, Camm figures this would be the right time for the topic of stereotypes. Kevin (white) and Camm (black) break down a couple of lists they got from the internet.

Sit back, have a drink of your own if you can, and remember one thing: It's all in fun.

To listen, click here. To download, right click and "Save As..."

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