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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Anywhere But Here: Episode 224 - To Me, To You

This episode of the Anywhere But Here podcast covers quite a bit of ground starting with a celebration of the life of Barry Chuckle (Elliott), one-half of the Chuckle Brothers, at the age of 73. He and his brother Paul entertained millions, including Ant and Tom with their slapstick routines for decades.

Sir Patrick Stewart is reprising his role as Captain Jean Luc Picard in a new Star Trek TV series and the guys debate this for a while before spilling out into discussions of books adapted for TV and movies and where deviation works and doesn't.

The President of Venezuela has been attacked by drones carrying explosives... or has he, as we record conspiracy theories are growing including a local terror group claiming they did it through to the fire department saying that it was a gas tank in an apartment block, not a drone attack at all.

Some small news stories piqued our interest including a man complaining that his hedge lady keeps getting attacked by horny drunks, a man steals a shark from an aquarium and VR Mario Kart is coming to London!

All this an much more on the episode of Anywhere But Here.


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