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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Anywhere But Here: Episode 223 – GAMMON!

After some housekeeping about changes coming down the pipe for us here at the Anywhere But Here Podcast, Ant and Tom have a couple of topics that came up recently they wanted to dissect and discuss. Firstly Katie (Cunty) Hopkins has resurfaced after a few years to spout some bullshit about the case of Tommy Robinson where she claims some outrageous things about exactly why she thinks he's been locked up. She's wrong. Also she makes the claim that 'Muslim overlords' running the UK jail system... what exactly does that mean? Ant and Tom delve in. Secondly they discuss the knee-jerk firing of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn after some right-wing trolls dug up some old tweets of his and posted them without any context. What we learn from this is that people should be allowed to own their mistakes and learn from them, not be fired. Alternatively, you can't paint over the bits of history you don't like to sanitise it, bad things happened like British colonialism and the Second World War. Though these eras are morally reprehensible, there's no questioning that good things came from them, including the ability to never repeat those mistakes. Oh, and a man kills one of his work colleagues with a compressed air gun while playing a childhood game. Enjoy!

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