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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Talk Zebra: Episode 31: A Cornucopia Of Crackers

The zeebs are back, and Tony immediately shocks Camm by finding a scene in which Will Smith showed some incredible acting chops. There's some discussion about bad and good celebrity plastic surgery, and there's some talk about Camm's much-maligned penis.

In Five Dub, Camm is up with the animated series South Park, which has been on the air longer than you would think...

The MOLI battle features musical acts with an animal in their name. Tony goes first and selects a huge hit from 1994, "Regulate", by Warren G and featuring Nate Dogg, heard here... Then Camm surprises everyone with "Goodbye, Earl", a song by the Dixie Chicks, of all people, heard here...

The MOTH discussion centers around hunky Australian men for Camm, but his official choice is Chris Hemsworth, seen here... Tony stays on theme by choosing the aforementioned Warren G, seen here...

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