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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Mac and Cheese show episode 77!

Your favourite Brain and Village idiot are back at their ridiculous news desk to do what they do best for Episode 77! Join us this week as then the boys talk about Andy Mac going Up and about in his death trap flying machine before we head into WEIRD NEWS: Get your University degree in Yodelling! Spontaneous foreign accent syndrome! Sell your stuff quit your life and be spontaneous but have a backup plan! 2 amazing Support animal stories! And the Fat bandit evades jail time! before moving into SCIENCE NEWS :Biohackers treating their own herpes live on the interwebs! Sea snail lives in a boys arm for weeks (NO THANKS) Effing flat earthers are at it again! And a stupid truck driver destroys 2000 year old national treasures! all this and more jammed into a huge episode 77! support us on PATREON for a BONUS "Steady’s Janky Science" SEGMENT!

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