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Friday, October 27, 2017

The Mac and cheese show Episode 70

Your favourite Brain and Village idiot are back at their ridiculous news desk to do what they do best for Episode 70 Join us this week as Andy marvels us with another spectacular romance fail! then the boys talk about WEIRD NEWS: We talk about Silly models! One gets an eyeball tattoo and one makes a necklace out of a body part you definitely shouldn't make a necklace out of, The menace to society that is Nacho cheese sauce! Vegemite will no fool sniffer dogs! before moving into SCIENCE NEWS: Sorry fatties Andy Mac says no matter how fit you feel you are still unhealthy! The scientifically proven worst way to get dumped! Harmful homeopathic mumbo jumbo! And Money CAN buy happiness!!All this and more jammed into an epic episode 70!

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