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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Demand The Cure 020: The Booby Hatch and The Love Triangle
Cyndi welcomes Amy back from her week at the loony bin (not the comedy club, the mental hospital, but you should still try the veal) and they discuss rubber pencils and the 'thorazine shuffle". Amy needed a break from life, so she checked herself into the psych ward. She fills Cyndi in on all her adventures as sad lady living with the blues in a bi-polar world. We also catch up with a Kingman High school beef that turned into a city councilman/fireman/phlebotomist love triangle. (That is also now a new category of porn) We go super off the rails during the Kingman news. We would have cut it, but decided to leave it, because its fun and neither of us no how. Demand The Cure is available for subscription on iTunes, Laughable, Stitcher and others...Go Subscribe!! AND REVIEW!! AND SHARE!! Have any topics or weird Kingman news you want us to talk about? Let us know.

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