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Monday, April 3, 2017

Double D Podcast: 146 - Top Tens

99 Luftballoons, 99 Bananas, 99 Schillings (if you believe Richard)...

And Top 10s!

Here it is, our annual March Madness episode and instead of breaking it down bracket tournament style (frankly, we're getting a little sick of that format, we gotta let it rest for a while) we present our individual top 10 list of our favorite beers of all time!

For a podcast that claims (at least half-heartedly) to be a beer podcast, it's not often the focus of an entire episode.  We're happy to finally getting around to it, and though there a little arguing back and forth, we're pretty happy with what we ended up with.

Just a warning, it's a longish show and by the end we were pretty hammered, so the final third has a lot of drunken love being thrown about.  Love for Kingman, love for The Rivals and love for Black Bridge Brewery.


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