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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Mac and Cheese show Episode 60

Your favourite Brain and Village idiot are back at their ridiculous news desk to do what they do best for Episode 60! Join us this weeek as we talk about WEIRD NEWS: Valentines day Weed bouqet, It might be a 130 pound tumour.. It's naht ah toomah, Australias King Leonard abdecates, Woman leaps onto a flaming bus to save $50, You'll never guess what 'cranking' is, and Squirrel of the month! SCIENCE NEWS: Is old Zealand a new continent? Not all disoraurs laid eggs?? We're bringing back the wooly mammoth! and Global warming and polution problems! does it exist? you be the judge. (spoilers- it totally exists) All of this and much much more. Follow us on twitter @macandcheesepod or facebook

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