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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Mac and Cheese show Episode 50!

Join your favourite Brain and Village idiot, back at their ridiculous news desk for the 50th time! in this huge special episode! This time we have some returning special guests from the first 50 episodes of the Mac and Cheese show who will join us at the news desk to talk about.... some facts about 50! also WEIRD NEWS! like, Don't mess with Florida! hey, you cant bring those guns into Texas! I found love on the wall of the bathroom stall, Leroy 'Blast' Blacks competing obituaries and the PIZZA ATM! and what about SCIENCE NEWS! like, would you eat lab grown meat? future criminals and racist Walt Disney, Andy mac takes the fun out of deja vu, get high of your headphones, fighting mosquito's with mosquito's = malaria for everyone and in the Olympic spirit, Steady Mcfly brings us a bunch of weird Olympic facts! All this and more in the epic 50th episode of The Mac and cheese show.

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