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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Double D Podcast: 136 - Griswolds and the Big Green Hole

I originally named this one Cuatro de Julio because we recorded it on the Fourth of July, but that just points out that it took me almost four weeks to post this show. I apologize. We had family visiting from out of town and I just didn't have the time. What can I say?

Anyway, Cousin Dave is in this one. We talk about the Big Green Hole, a secret spot in Kingman, Arizona. We also tell the tale of a family we saw in San Francisco. We don't know their real names, but to us they were The Griswolds. The album art for this episode is them fishing off a pier in Fisherman's Wharf. While slamming beers. Totally awesome.

In deference to the holiday, we play a game we call Founding Father or Pounding Father. (Signer of the Declaration of Independence or Porn Star)

Jimmy Terdles and Kyle Lobstein call in also. Kyle shares a video with us of him dressed up as the mascot of the Indianapolis Indians, Rowdie the Bear. Here it is:

Rowdie the Bear on the news

Pssst.  If you wait until the very end, after the outro song, you can hear Cousin Dave dish out a secret and possibly embarrassing story about our favorite brewmaster.


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