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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Mac and Cheese show Episode 48

Your favourite Brain and Village idiot are back at their ridiculous news desk to do what they do best for Episode 47! Join us to hear about WEIRD NEWS! Promabot is the 80s, Johnny 5 robot escape the 10 year old in you wanted, The 12 days of what's in my anus, Cigarettes will make my baby smaller! The cutest truck crash of all time, Meatloaf (the singer) sucks and Anthony Keidis is hippie Jesus! SCIENCE NEWS This Vaccination bus will stave off the contents of our Virus rap! Body tampons saved my life! Science has done it! we're about to start head swappin', and we have an argument about the moralities of A.I. Robots and their fight for human rights! PLUS we go back to the well for another round of weird deaths with Steady Mcfly's WAY TO GO! All this jammed into an epic episode 48!

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