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Monday, April 18, 2016

Double D Podcast: 133 - Brewmaster Tim and Joe Fellers

If you're going to drink Scorched Earth from Black Bridge Brewery, who better to have on the show to talk about it than the man who created and brewed it himself, Tim Schritter! Brewmaster Tim and his hetero lifemate Joe are in town from Kingman, Arizona and join us for a rollicking good two hours of podcast fun. No shit show, we promise.

Besides talk about running the best brewery in Kingman, we get into sex talk (of course) including safe words and squirting. During Ask Dick we explore how long a good session of coitus should last.

Kyle Lobstein (celebrity voice impersonated) calls in to the show from the bullpen in Pittsburgh to talk about the Pirates' new slogan and also about his walk on song, Shake It Off.

WTF Is It is played during the show, as well as a game of Craft Beer Name or Fictional Beer Name.

It was one hell of a fun show and we always feel lucky to have either of these guys in the studio, let alone both at once.


133 - Brewmaster Tim and Joe Fellers

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