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Monday, August 18, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 53 - Robin Williams & Other Stuff

BFI53In this weeks riveting episode of the banned from iTunes Podcast, Mike and Andy are joined by Mike's wife Melissa and the ever popular Ant. We discuss the important topics of quitting smoking, the fact that people in Hollywood with the same last name are seldom related and of course the tragic passing of Robin Williams in a very Banned from iTunes "Too Soon Moment".

To Listen CLICK HERE, To download and save forever Right Click on that link and choose save as. I'm pretty sure we've been through this before!  
A quick note about Robin Williams from me (Andy). I can legitimately go on record as saying he was the first comedian that I ever knew of. When I was a child of 3 dreaming of being a comedian in the old timey Vaudeville world that I pictured comedy as, I saw myself as him, doing voices, impressions and assing about to the delight of millions. The man was like concentrated clown juice that had been filtered of all the properties that make clowns annoying. It seemed there was no stopping his unbridled enthusiasm. It's no wonder why they gave him so many magical parts, it felt like he believed in magic and in fact was magic. So many of us who grew up seeing him in these parts felt that way, it was a major shock to our systems to hear that he passed because we believed him to be an immortal. If there is a heaven I hope you are in it joking with those who influenced you. Thank you for the laughs and for the magic. My world won't be the same without you... -Andy Ladewski

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