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Monday, June 30, 2014

Banned from iTunes: Episode 46: We Got Mics!

bfi46""Better late than being stabbed in the sternum with a toilet brush!" That's what my father always used to say... In this weeks tolerable installment. Mike recounts the Sage Francis / B. Dolan Show He went to. Andy gets drunk too easily then eats bad frozen food, and Ant is not properly mic'd. It's "Must hear TV" on this weeks Banned From iTunes Podcast!

Are we famous enough to be abusive to our fans yet? Click here to listen, shithead! Right-Click and Save As to save forever you dumb motherfucker! Is that Punk Rock or what?? (I don't get out much.)

Music this week is Sage Francis and B Dolan. Hmm. Topical!

Found a third mic. Next time Ant's mouth-words will be heard!

B Dolan Uncle Dolan Unca Dolan
This hasn't been done yet!

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