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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 42 - Self-induced Penile Regurgitation

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Good morrow Tim! A week or so has passed and it's time for another laugh-laden episode of the Banned From iTunes show! This week, the boys have a blast discussing such high-brow concepts as the merits of abstaining from masturbation, Snagglepuss (as a groundbreaking gay character, kind of), douchebag-induced heart attacks and low-budget Breaking Bad remakes! There are so many LPM (laughs per minute) that you might get a ticket! Ben Grim also drops by for a bit to put in his two cents worth!

The coffee break music this week is I'm Not Allright by the Weird Lovemakers and that's disturbingly appropriate.

You need to Click Here to listen and Right-Click to download, Aight?

0:03 On interruptions and annoying kids
0:40 Intro
1:00 The fine art of self-love
3:00 Mike almost dies. Happened a bit early this time
5:00 While we're on the subject of mass shootings...
7:16 How have you been?
8:25 Mike reveals his craziness (again)
13:15 "Righteous doodie?"
16:00 Andy drops some serious shit.
19:12 A shock collar would have come in handy here
21:07 Long and hard. I know, I'm sorry
22:01 Freakonomics and dead girraffes
25:09 A friendly message from Cancer Jim and Google Voice
27:50 Mike almost dies again
29:50 Andy rolls out yet another awesome voice
31:55 Mike totally needs a shock collar
33:22 How did we get on this subject?
33:35 On the virtues and downsides of comicon
35:20 Andy isn't picky, he's selective
41:58 Andy is dropping wisdom like...Skrillex drops the bass?
43:10 Ben comes back and Andy reveals the best idea ever!
48:07 Sorry / outro
48.37 AE outro

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