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Monday, May 26, 2014

Banned from iTunes: Episode 41 - Camcast, Of the Colored Squares

bf41Hi, Tim! Do you know what time it is? It's time for another star-studded episode of the Banned From iTunes podcast! This week, Cameron of fame sits in for the repeat absentee quarter-asser Mike, and he and Andy have a great talk. Topics flowed into each other like... things that flow into each other really well. Subjects included vintage video games, modern video games, Japanese architecture, old TV shows and a whole lot more!

To listen Click Here and to save for future pleasure if you're practicing delayed gratification right-click that monkey and hit "save as" for future you!

The music this week was a little ditty called "Ace" By the Weird Lovemakers.

Get you some!

0:10 On episode length and whatnot
0:36 Intro / introductions
1:30 We would kill for those kinds of numbers. Literally.
2:45 I liked Reboot...
6:50 Andy invites personal attacks
7:30 Was that an impression of Mike?
8:20 I like that ringtone!
8:45 It's bought and paid for, I promise. Totally legit.
11:50 Hockey first, family second
14:20 I pronounce it GAY-DEN
16:28 Worst comedy class ever
18:40 Let the kids be illiterate
27:15 Andy would rather be a crazy survivalist
29:10 Leave an angry message for us
30:35 Andy shouldn't have to change
33:25 Now he's pissing off the hippies!
34:23 Awkward silence and musical break
36:17 Bioshock talk
43:50 Andy the scavenger
46:45 Disappointing NPCs and awful A.I.
51:30 Good, but a "far cry" from the original
52:00 Sorry! / outro

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