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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Bencast, Everything You Need To Know (and more!) – Episode 39

Drawn with a mouse in mspaint with non-dominant hand. 
‘Ello Tim! This week I (Mike) am on an involuntary unplanned sabbatical (working in Yuma), so my brother Ben stepped in to temporarily fill his abnormally wide shoes. The stories come hard and fast (giggity), so you definitely need to pay attention! If you blink (with your ears) you just might miss something!

To shove the awesomeness straight into your face holes, click here, To download the badassery right-click that shit all day long (or only once) and save as!

No index this week because it would TOTALLY RUIN THE SURPRISE! Also, I’m lazy and tired as shit. Enjoy!

Music is Clown By KoRn

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