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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Banned from iTunes: Episode 37 - Cyborg Policeman Man

bfi37Oh no, has it been a week already? My, oh my, how time flies! It's time for another edition of the Banned from iTunes Podcast! This week, Andy and Mike have a great time talking about things like cancer, old T.V. shows, Robocop, shitty movies and much much more! Also, Andy makes a super-special announcement!

The coffee break music this week is Girlsrock by Siriusmo and the outro music is Party Time by The Mattoid.

To listen click this here. To download right click and save as.

0:04 Mike's a pussy
0:35 Intro
0:55 They don't need to know the whole story
2:57 Andy bitches about the medical system
3:48 Mike finds Andy's yearbook photo
5:40 Listener feedback and "cancer Jim"
7:40 Statistics are fun!
10:10 It was the Ultimate Warrior. R.I.P.
16:00 Kids will be kids
21:00 Mike almost dies
21:35 Gilligan's Island sucked, deal with it
25:20 Who would be offended by that?
27:00 Mike saw Robocop
29:41 He's still talking about Robocop
34:16 More Robocop Talk
36:43 Samuel L Jackson is NOT Lawrence Fishburne, and niether is Wesley Snipes (SPOILER)
37:34 COFFEE BREAK / music
40:38 Jeff Goldblum was a rapist / Lawrence Fishburne was a bad guy
41:25 Han Solo rocks balls in Blade Runner
44:35 His name is Toby
47:00 Airplane 2 is fucking awful
49:30ish Michael Bay and Adam Sandler need to be stopped
50:30 Mike's kid got a concussion
56:55 Being sober is cool...I guess
59:00 Andy has big news!
1:04:44 Sorry! / EMM outro
1:05:23 AE outro
1:05:54 The Mattoid!

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