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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Banned From iTunes - Episode 36 - "Sorry!"-- The Super-Secret Origin Story

bf36Well hi there, Tim! It's already Saturday, and that means more Banned From iTunes! This week's episode was a floater we recorded some time ago because schedules have been hectic as fuck lately! We still managed to give you something, because we love you so much! This episode we talked about funny movie reviews, coffee, cancer and repressed memories. Andy also came up our now iconic sign-off in a flash of genius!

To listen click here to download right-click and save as. No joke this week!

The song this week is You've Been Automated by the Weird Lovemakers. You're welcome.

0:03 A shocking realization
0:36 Intro proper
1:10 The other "c-word" that Mike hates to use
2:25 Coffee talk
5:15 Poisoning the well
9:00 S-words and dizzacks
10:12 Music and coffee break
10:44 That was fast
13:20 Bad movies and shitty coffee
14:50 Where are we again?
16:35 Now that makes sense
20:40 That is where they come from
21:40 More music!
24:13 We needed an official sign-off / outro
25:17 AE outro

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