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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 35 - Riff-O-Rama, The Ultimate Showdown!

bf35-2Salutations Tim! Another week (or so) has passed, and that can only mean one thing; more Banned From iTunes! For this week's stellar episode Robert Guthrie sat in with Andy and Mike to discuss such diverse topics as octogenarian orgies, avoidable accidents, sexy saviors, Indy iterations, obsolete observations, terrible turtles and a variety of less alliterative but nonetheless hilarious things! Sparse index this week because we're already late as fuck!

To listen you can click on the word here! To download that mess for reasons unknown Right-Click & Save as!

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The music this week was Blanc Bec by Buck 65 because he's awesome and you aren't

0:04 'Sup? / Cuddle buddies
1:10 Intro
1:33 A bunch of funny shit happens
22:34 MUSIC BREAK!!!
26:49 A bunch more funny shit happens
47:21 Attempted outro / more funny shit
50:32 Outro
51:34 AE outro

Do you Find yourself saying "GOD DAMN THAT ROBERT GUY IS FUNNY" I do! (Every night when I touch myself) So Its no surprise that the Ground Up Comedy Videos he is in are my favorites! Check some out!

More episodes exist on YouTube!

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