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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Banned from iTunes: Episode 34 - The Best Episode Ever

bf34'Sup Tim! Has it been a week already? In that case, have this fresh as fuck episode of the Banned From iTunes show featuring Andy and Robert! Who is Robert you ask? Listen and find out! In this episode Andy and Rob talk about growing up in Payson, toys in the '80s and '90s, video games, bestiality, non-consensual sex and Muppets!

The music this week is Pork Chop by Mister Scoops. Scooptacular!

To listen Click Here, if you care to save it to disappoint future generations Right Click and Save As!

0:04 The mindless chatter part / where's Mike / quarter-assed intro

1:20 Podcast talk

2:30 Introduction time / earning the "explicit" tag

5:00 I guess now we're doing introductions?

6:35 Andy REALLY loves that dog

8:00 They talk about Payson for a really long time

10:30 The Powerglove was so bad

11:30 Life pretty much sucked before the internet

16:12 We all had that one friend

22:20 This is the guy who always calls me a nerd?

25:15 Action figures kinda sucked too


30:00 I took a corded phone apart once...

33:02 He never edits that shit out / commercialpalooza

35:20 A callback to a show nobody heard on a show nobody will hear, being written about on a post nobody will read

38:00 Fuck puppets, bring on the cartoons!

47:00 I'm pretty sure they're done talking about puppets

51:30 Ssssshhhhh, the music is starting

54:33 Coming back / wait for the sequel

55:07 Outro, featuring Mike and Kevin!

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