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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Banned from iTunes: Episode 33 - The Worst Dave Brockie Tribute Ever

bfi33Oh, hi Tim! I didn't see you there! Since you're here, why not help yourself to a brand new episode of the Banned from iTunes podcast? In this week's episode, the boys have a very temporary audience as they discuss Gwar, dog farts, Gwar, birthdays, Gwar, tumblr, Gwar, missing planes and Gwar. We all found out shortly before recording of David Brockie's untimely passing, and we are understandably bummed out. That doesn't mean it's not a funny episode, though. There are plenty of other reasons it's not funny!

Our music this week was Salaminizer and The Road Behind by Gwar for obvious fucking reasons.
Rest in peace Dave Brockie!

To listen to our show, simply CLICK HERE!, To download that sumbitch right click and save as!

0:03 The offensive content starts really early

0:28 Intro

1:17 That wasn't the dog dude

2:12 The only kind of tribute we do here

3:40 Mike probably won't be very funny this time, like that's new

5:30 Begone distractions!

7:45 That's a real bummer for Flynn

8:05 Carry the podcast? He can't handle that!

9:27 Gettin' all whiney up in this bitch

11:10 Mike is almost as bad a husband as he is a friend

14:28 We all love us some black chicks

18:25 Andy blows Mike('s mind)

21:10 Back to GWAR

24:10 It's a shame that the Oderus / Lipton interview won't happen

28:30 We're still talking about GWAR, deal with it

30:52 Moving on to dogs and women, for different reasons

32:15 Mike tries to make Andy feel better

32:38 Coffee / music break

37:00 We're back!

40:20 Andy does his creepy voice

41:14 Some hair news and political jokes

46:30 Andy fills the Batman quota

48:00 Music is happening here and we're gone

48:27 How about another GWAR song? No? Too fucking bad!

53:15 Chris is also sorry


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