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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 32 - Deep Confessions and Embarrassing Tales, Volume 1

bfi31Howdy y'all! The weekend is here again, and it's time for a brand new (kinda) edition of the Banned from iTunes Podcast! This is a super special episode that we recorded at an earlier time and waited for the proper time to release it to the public (the proper time being a week during which we didn't have time to record an episode). Over the course of this episode, we reveal some of our deepest and darkest secrets for your amusement. What more could you possibly want? There are tales of poor music tastes, unfortunate bowel movements and an assload of dicks (figuratively speaking)!

The music this week is Wait and Bleed by Slipknot because of reasons.

Click here to listen, right click that sucka to save it forever and ever.

0:04 I actually CAN believe it's not butter

0:54 Deep, but not really dark

2:00 Andy's wicked clown phase (spoilers!)

3:31 The real reason Mike is afraid of clowns

3:50 I don't think they're actually called that...

7:00 It's not like it is on T.V.

11:54 Mike's guitar solo

13:00 Slipknot > Godsmack < Stone Sour

15:45 Some love for Chris (plural)

16:54 Fuck off, I'm not a metal singer

18:00 Literally worse than Hitler

19:40 Fresh Prince > Linkin Park

20:40 Mike almost dies, this happens way too often

21:30 The worst reenactment ever

27:00 RIP Jim Varney

27:30 The "Earnest" series was way more deep than you realize

29:02 I'm 3 beers in and I don't care about the index anymore

29:30 GWAR is our spirit animal(s?)

30:45 Yeah, who fucking cares?

32:00 Nobody reads this shit anyway

35:01 The "cool" parents and a really sad story

36:40 Another sad story

38:30 We try to be funny again

39:00 This part is kinda gross, and not the sexy kind of gross


43:35 You definitely want to hear these stories

47:15 Ssshhhh...the music is starting!

49:41 Now, more dick stories!

50:00 I regret a lot of the words I used here

52:45 And that's why I have a hard time peeing in public

53:30 i think we're done here / EMM outro

54:06 AE outro

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