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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 31 - All boobs are beautiful

bwoobs12Salutations Tim and Lady Tim! The weekend is finally here and you know what that means, a brand spanking bound gagged and crying episode of the Banned from iTunes Podcast! I personally am dripping with excitement and excess lube. In this absolutely sex-drenched installment, we discuss Batman V Iron Man (surprise), thrift stores, hipster beards, boobies and much, much more. The music this week is Get Off by Prince and the New Power Generation. I already did!

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0:09 Fucking buttons, how do they work?

0:31 Intro

1:06 How Andy really feels about Mike

2:40 Whiskeyface

4:40 Andy is a liar

6:30 Whatever, Prince is awesome and so are records

9:18 What the fuck is a hipster anyway?

10:20 It still isn't funny

10:50 Okay, it's funny

12:15 Bedbugs will ruin your life and cold drinks will ruin my recliner

15:15 Fucking filters, how do they work?

17:00 Mike kinda hates driving

18:20 I guess we should do the intro now

18:39 Let me tell you about my puppy dog!

20:30 Something nobody has ever said before (probably)

25:20 Andy asks some very important questions

27:10 Hello ladies!

28:35 - All boobs are beautiful, even JJ's

34:50 Talking about tall motherfuckers

37:50 Sonic 1 was terrible

41:40 Kids don't like clowns anymore

44:10 Andy does the best impression ever / r/atheism

45:46 Music break

50:50 That song is way too fucking long / closing notes

52:04 Bwoobs?

52:46 He forgot that a w kinda looks like bwoobs

53:15 Mind = blown

54:25 You heard it here first, Louie is a gritty reboot of Seinfeld

55:15 Some Siskel and Ebert shit is happening

56:20 Sorry / EMM outro

56:50 AE outro

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