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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Banned from iTunes: Episode 30 - Penises, Pringles and unfortunate facial hair

bf30Greetings Tim! It's time yet again for another installment of the Banned from iTunes Podcast! This week, Mike feels old, Andy is self­-conscious and Chris is ticklish! We also discuss tech­ savvy parents and the merits and downsides of feminine personal hygiene.

The music this week is “Sick of You” by GWAR, because GWAR makes your balls grow.*

*Statement has not been reviewed by the FDA. GWAR is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure having a tiny shriveled coin purse.

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0:04 “What's in here?” / Scotch Talk

0:59 Intro

1:55 Oscar buzz and EMM Awards

5:12 Tim should skip this part probably

5:56 We all love Dave

7:44 Doofus?

9:40 Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

11:44 Mike's goth phase

12:45 Ben's “gangsta” phase and JNCO tents

16:15 Dating profiles, pictures and dick(s)

18:25 Mike almost dies

20:44 Chris, non­sequiturs and government lists

22:22 DOT COM!

22:33 Apple juice break / music

25:31 We're back!

25:55 Chris is VERY ticklish.

26:56 Penises, Pringles and unfortunate facial hair

30:00 Mike's dad makes him feel old

32:42 Chris' dad is disappoint

33:00 An unexpected interruption, exes and taxes

41:14 Andy's phone is still on

42:22 Pimpin' AE ain't easy but it's obligatory

43:30 Mike almost dies, again

44:55 Not dead yet

46:50 Beck's and smelly vaginas

48:35 Sorry honey

50:00 Sorry / outro

50:57 AE outro

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