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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 28 - Mister Scoops Interview AKA Dicks in my Inbox

Episode scoopsTo listen click here listen, to download this file so you can add it to your Pantera mixtape. Right-Click and Save As!

This was one hell of an episode. Finally did our first interview! If you are a follower of BFI, you have heard his music, now you get to hear his voice. Is this not a dream come true? We got to talk to him for a bit, and he was cool as fuck! We are hoping to make interviews a monthly thing from now on...

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0:00 First interview

0:20 intro

0:30 Cancercast.

1:55 week recap

6:20 Masturbation tips

8:16 Star Wars and Batman quotas met!

8:50 Fuck the sun!

10:30 Citizen Fish - Alienation

11:00 Mister Scoops interview begins

11:20 Name origins story.

12:20 Car commercials

15:33 About the Secret Album

16:35 Charles Bronson Madness

17:40 About accents

21:00 Emergency update

22:20 Equipment

26:35 Day jobs

30:04 Pendant Talk

30:50 Wrapping up

32:07 Barren Sow - Mister Scoops

35:20 Interview wrap up.

36:50 Future Guests?

39:05 AD Time!

40:40 A word from Patton Oswalt

40:50 Outro

Go get friendly with Mister Scoops!

His YouTube

His Facebook

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