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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 27 - Bencast

bfi27It's that time again, Tim. Time for more Banned From iTunes! To listen, click here. To save it as an artifact of the golden age of human civilization, right-click and save as.

In this week's riveting installment, Mike goes for a hunt, Andy recounts a tale of intelligence quotient, and Chris looks like a junkie.

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Sorry this is a day late; we were recording our first interview episode yesterday, and stuff got pushed back a little!

0:00 Chris' voice.
0:38 Intro
1:10 We sound the same.
2:40 IQ Talk.
6:48 Nature vs nurture on the subject of sports
9:05 White people and Breaking Bad.
14:00 Bencast

ben breaking bad
17:40 Guests and shit.
19:17 Blink 182 - Family Reunion
20:30 Slowcast
22:30 No viewer mail.
24:00 Javelina time!
37:40 Butt darts anyone?
40:10 Antiquated porn.
43:12 Dubstep gun and closing.
43:43 Buck 65 - Square 1 part 4
45:25 Amazon review troll.
46:27 Chris' outro and AE outro.

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