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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 26 - White dissapointment

bfi26Hello Tim! It's been a crazyass week for us here at the podcast. Especially for me personally (Andy). I've been having some marriage problems ending in divorce this week. Anyhow, because of all the crazy, this week's episode is a bit shorter than usual. Despite this, the episode isn't some shitty pity party; it still has a healthy helping of funny. To listen, click HERE to download and save for your personal folder of mildly depressing things. Right-Click and Save As! Also, Chris joins the mayhem!

0:04 Hi Camm!
0:43 Intro
1:10 I'll make love to your face!
1:45 Welcome!
2:25 Black Tim
3:18 I'm getting a divorce, and it's not funny!
5:47 Fellatio
7:25 Filipino
8:55 The TroutFuckers win the Toilet Bowl!
9:15 Mike laughs at the name "Kelly Goosecock" for entirely too long.
10:00 Secret Jew
10:35 Intervention talk
12:10 Confession
12:30 No means no, Russell Crowe! (the cretins of YouTube had fun with Russell Crowe's "Performance" from Les Miserables)
13:28 Gerard Butler and the ugly tree.
13:50 More pandering...
14:57 Unwritten Law - Armageddon Singalong
15:30 Shut up, Chris!
17:50 Good coffee
18:40 Quick and easy
20:40 Son, I am proud.
21:14 White disappointment
23:50 Super bowl terrorist
25:58 GWAR - War Party
29:13 Bumpers

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