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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Banned From iTunes: Episode 25 - What we're nearly completely unknown for

Salutations Tims! In this weeks riveting episode Andy and Mike discuss the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, releasing bodily fluids while driving, and how making flyers is a pain in the ass!

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0:02 Almost nearly not famous
0:42 Intro
1:03 Home to work, work to home, sleep.
3:20 Filling the Batman and Star Wars quota.



6:32 Mike yells at the dogs.
5:52 Wallet Talk: Attack on Titan Wallet


8:40 Mike kills the "brought to by" joke.
10:40 Shouts to Cameron from
12:40 The flyer adventure/Fuck Kinkos
22:41 Fuck Wells Fargo
25:21 Bad Religion - Out of hand
26:05 Bad movies.
27:35 Pissin' in a moving vehicle.
33:05 Masturbating at 70+ M.P.H.
37:05 Andy's pissin' on the road story.
42:40 Coming soon! Nakedcast!
44:30 Deastro - Light Powered (I call it space adventure soundtrack)
46:53 EvilMediaMogul Site plug (Beat by Mister Scoops)
47:21 Abnormal Entertainment outro.

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