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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 113 - Educate Us, Mister Smith

And now is the winter of our discontent...

It's the Atomic Fallout Society. No karaoke this week, but the boys decided we needed to educate the masses. First though, David kicks things off with a Marvel review, BUT it's no ordinary Marvel title. Empire of the Dead #1 by THE George Romero hit the shelves. David contains his biases for his horror mentor and brings a new chapter to the Dead series of Romero. Is this another Walking Dead rip-off or is this another take on the genre by one of it's forefathers? Brian brings in Jack Hammer #1 from Action Lab Comics. Writer Brandon Barrows and artist Ionic bring a title of noir and intrigue. But something smells a little fishy in the waters, and the Talent enlightens us. Chris finishes up the reviews with Baddass #1 from creative team Herik Hannna and Bruno Bessadi. Is this a new fresh title from Dynamite Press, or is this just another comic in the vein of Millar World?

The boys finish things up, well, Brian finishes things up with another "Educating the Masses" and dons the Professor robes to teach the public ' bout The Winter Solider story just in time for the 2nd wave of Marvel number one comics as well as the latest Captain America film coming soon.

Now sit back, enjoy, pull up an ottoman and rest your feet by the fire place. It's the Atomic Fallout Society, bitches!

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