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Friday, December 13, 2013

Unprotected Sports with Tony and The Lion: Round 93: Depravity

We have three big points of discussion this week. First up is a breakdown of all of the college football bowl games, with gambling recommendations as well. Here's a hint: some of them should be called the "Who Gives A Fuck?" Bowl!

Next is the usual NFL segment, with Tony making a late push to take the lead from Leo. Included is the Lion's Den, so win yourself some money by listening.

Last but most definitely not least, we unveil the eight choices that have made the field for the year-end Jerry Sandusky Award tournament. You already knew who the four quarterly winners were, but now you will know which 4 wild card entrants join them, and in what order they are paired up! Remember that you have a say in the outcome, so go onto our Facebook page and vote for whom you think should advance in each matchup.

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