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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 109 Fallout Society (cue epic music)... Now that we got that started, lets cut to the chase! The boys continue bringing you the latest in comics and glory. Brian kicks things off with Dead Body Road #1. An image comic one part Punisher, one part Noir Film, all glorious revenge tale. Justin Jordon on writing duties and Matteo Scalera bring us another tale from Image Comics. Does it live up to Brian's standards? CTB brings us a little known comic from Marvel Comics, Nova #11. Will CTB earn his stripes and show that Marvel in Space is far better than Marvel on Earth? David bats cleanup and brings the anticipated Justice League #25. Why is it anticipated? It's the origin of Owlman from the Crime Syndicate, The Darkest Knight. With some twists and surprises will this Forever Evil tie-in keep the evil train rolling or is Forever Evil coming off the tracks?

The 2nd half of the show, the boys react to the announcement of Jeff Lemire's finishing the Animal Man title next year in March with Animal Man #29. They look back at the critically acclaimed run that Lemire pulled off with one of DC lesser known heroes. Afterwards, the question of the day is asked, if you had the chance, what lesser known superhero would you write for and bring back from the comic book shadows?

It's THE Atomic Fallout Society, 9 out 10 dentist agree listen and get your geek on!

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