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Friday, October 18, 2013

Unprotected Sports with Tony and The Lion: Round 87: The Gay Singles Tennis King?

Tony has returned from his Las Vegas trip and is flying solo this week. You know that he has won many gay doubles tennis tournaments before. In this week's episode, find out if Tony managed to win his first-ever singles tournament.

After that, Tony brings you his biggest storylines of the week, List style. Topics touched on include the MLB postseason, the strange saga of Adrian Peterson, the USA saving Mexico's World Cup chances, LeBron James being wrong, plus a lot more. Then it's time for the NFL segment, where Tony and The Lion have their picks for each game.

Next up is a foray into the Lion's Den, where Leo is on fire, and Tony, to put it nicely, isn't. The show wraps up with a Sandusky Award that features one famous person and one obscure person.

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