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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 101 - Goodbye Mr. Sabal... For Now

A new era begins for The Atomic Fallout Society with episode 101 as Tony Sabal announces his temporary departure from the show to tend to other business and personal matters. But let's face it, 100 shows will do that to you. But not to worry as our good friend Chris Lilagan steps in to join the AFS crew on a regular basis.

For this show, Tony, Dave, Brian and Chris all participate in what turns out to be a more "raw" version of the AFS. Chris leads off by reviewing the latest Green Lantern that starts off the "Lights Out" storyline. Chris is a BIG Green Lantern fan... and needless to say, this issue leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Not a good way to start off your AFS run. Tony's final review for AFS (for now) is Captain America: Living Legend # 1. Solid story that even has the feel of the Captain America movie. Brian reviews Hinterkind... it's a DC Vertigo book, so it's going to be really, really trippy. Lastly, Dave reviews THE Star Wars. This isn't the Star Wars that you're used to. This one was based on George Lucas' initial rough draft of the story, so it's going to make your head explode... like Dave's. As a final sendoff, Tony asks the AFS crew, what have we learned from Marvel Now and any other items that we have learned from the new DC 52?

The Atomic Fallout Society... wait until you get a load of what's in store for the next several shows.

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