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Saturday, October 5, 2013

From the Underground: Episode 27

The guys start off the show talking about boobs and arguing about what makes a superpower. Brian even popped by to weigh in on the subject. Jacob complains about Justin Bieber while Ryan tries to defend him. And they just keep arguing all the way through the show. And Jacob's creepy voice is back. Ryan makes up an imaginary girlfriend for Jacob. Once Jacob mentioned twins, Ryan got a little too excited and said he was going to LA just to make a run at The Watson Twins. Sadly, we regret that the last song (Diminished Seven - Taste A Vampire) would not play properly when Jacob was editing, so he decided to sub in an old favorite of Ryan's instead.

The 77's - Something Holding On
Failing To Fly - Without A Sound
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Deep Dark Basement
Each Of The Days - Sweet Carrion
Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - Melt Your Heart
Throb Zombie - Down
Soul Coughing - Houston
HemoGoblin - Captain America's Shield

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