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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Atomic Fallout Society: Episode 99 - Going Retro...

Don't adjust your sound settings. Your system is working as normal. Dave and Tony decide to give Brian a well-deserved week off and in their infinite wisdom, decide to go back to the very beginnings of the Atomic Fallout Society and record old-school... by the way, that opening and closing theme was indeed the original theme music that Tony used to kick off The Atomic Fallout Society.

This week, Tony reviews Batman 23.2 which is dedicated to the Riddler. This version of the Riddler isn't just fun and games... he's a serious cat who's going to make Batman's life very, very miserable in a battle of wits. It's going to be worth reading in the future. Dave reviews the latest Flash and gets some insight on who exactly the Reverse Flash is. He has his own theory of where it might be going, which would make for interesting conversation.

Dave also rants about the latest version of... Lobo. It's not the Lobo that you are familiar with, and Tony has his own opinion of what DC has done to the bounty hunter. That, and the boys have a very, very, very special guest sit in not only listening, but finally hearing what these two have been up to the last two years...

The Atomic Fallout Society... going old-school and loving it.

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